About me

From a young age, I was fascinated by numbers and logic. My journey began in college, when I crafted my first website. Equipped with a computer that my dad gifted me, and despite the lack of internet, I delved into the world of technology, trying my hand at reverse engineering various applications. It was an enlightening experience, uncovering the realms of possibility even in the absence of formal programming knowledge.

In my 200 Level in university, amidst academic commitments, one of my websites was thriving, marking a milestone in my developmental journey. Post-graduation, following a mandatory year of service, my enthusiasm led me to enroll in a Java program. Within a few months, I was immersed in building a robust library for NECO, an endeavor closely tied to my service year.

The subsequent years were transformational. I secured my first professional role, where I spearheaded the implementation of an Online Examination Platform, having mastered PHP by then. My journey then took me to Lagos, where I joined a leading software company. Collaborating with a dynamic team, I honed my skills in a plethora of programming languages such as MySQL, Java, and JavaScript, among others.

Eager to augment my knowledge, I pursued a higher degree in Statistics from the University of Ibadan. Returning to the professional sphere, my expertise flourished in a stint with an E-commerce company, where I automated numerous processes and crafted exceptional applications for a variety of organizations. My proficiency spans a range of technologies including Jenkins, Docker, Node.JS, React JS, API Integration, Prompt Engineering, Spring and Linux Shell Script.

My career trajectory ascended to the role of a Senior Full Stack Developer, post which, an opportunity beckoned me to Hamburg, where I currently reside and work.

Beyond my professional pursuits, my passion fuels continuous learning and exploration. I've ventured into innovative domains such as 3D printing and IoT. In my leisure, I indulge in pursuits like swimming, cycling, and bouldering, embodying a spirit of adventure and curiosity.

Embarking on each new project with a wealth of experience and an unquenchable thirst for learning, I am always ready to embrace new challenges and build remarkable things.


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