About me

I had started loving numbers and logical processing way back since college. I built my first website in 2007, then my dad bought me a computer in 2006. Even without internet, I had a lot doing like trying to reverse engineer couple of applications. It was fun realizing how possible it was even without programming knowledge.

2009, one of my website was doing very well, but it was coming to an end due to academic issues. 2012, after completing my first degree with complusory 1 year service, I enrolled for a Java programme, Few months after, i was already building a robust Library for NECO where I happened to have served.

I later got my first job and I implement an Online Examination Platform for them, I had learnt PHP then.

I move to Lagos 2013, got a job with a software providing company. I was in a team, so I learnt many other programming languages like MySQL advanced queries, AJAX, JavaScript...

In less than a year, I enrolled for higher degree in Statistics at University of Ibadan. I returned to the industry before a year and I worked with an E-commerce company. I have automated so many processes and built beautiful applications for different organisations with my expertise in Angular, Node, Flutter, API Integration, Data Mining and Scripting.


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